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About The Omega Era

  • The Omega Era are a band that leave you in no doubt where you stand. Sure there is enough variation in their set to span most of rocks sub genres, but pounding rhythm sections layered with soaring leads and anthemic vocal melodies that make you want to sing along at full volume as if no one is around are the base ingredients for the omega sound.

    Formed mid 2014 by Gav and Jonny who had just met playing in Recovery's final days it soon became apparent they shared a similar vision for a big solid rock band that could carry Jonny's ever growing roar. Once the blueprint was set Gav knew there was only one man for the role of lead axeman long time friend and song writing partner from the reckoning/Soundstorm days, Ry Jones. The search for a drummer began but already songs like turn us away and revelations were coming through and the omega sound starting to take shape. After being passed the number of a drummer who might be available the call was made. One week later enter James drum till I Dye (ex Hung). It was instantly obvious that the circle was now complete.

    The first gig followed shortly after, a mix of covers and originals at a sportsman's ball provided a good foundation for the band to become a solid unit. A run of local gigs saw the covers thinned down to make way for new originals. The omega sound was by now well defined. June 2015 saw the recording and release of their debut EP ALPHA. With a few local gigs and festivals booked the band are now looking to take their music further a field. Rock is not dead and the omega era want to make sure you know it.

    Jonny Skinner - Vocals
    Gav Ramsay - Bass
    Ryan Jones - Guitar
    James Dye - Drums

Today marks the release of Metal Ovation, a free to download album with some crackin artists. We at AHM would like to thank every single band that have kindly donated a track to make this album as good as it is, It has been a great pleasure working with you

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News Was Posted on: 17th December, 2015

We are very happy to annouce the first bands that are on our free to download album, due to be released on the 18th December for all you metalheads. we have SynaptiK​, DEF CON ONE​, The Five Hundred​, Lifer​, RSJ​, Proscenium​, The Omega Era​,

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News Was Posted on: 4th December, 2015

In ALPHA, the debut EP from The Omega Era there are no half measures, this barnstorming debut release with massive Drums and pounding bass lines sets the tone from the off that from ALPHA you get the notion of a band that mean business, powerful guitars

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News Was Posted on: 11th September, 2015
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For the last few days I have been listening to The Omega Era's brand new E.P 'ALPHA', I found this rock band to be easy listening, Formed mid 2014 by Gav and Jonny who had just met playing in Recovery's final days, It soon became apparent

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News Was Posted on: 26th August, 2015

  • Alpha
  • Alpha

    Released : 2015
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Turn us away
    2. Revelations
    3. Inferno
    4. Motion

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