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About Courtesans

  • In a world full of bankers, hipsters, fanatics, politicians and keyboard warriors Courtesans are the equivalent of suicidal unicorns on smack, they are the jelly babies full of boiled bovine bones that children devour joyfully, they are the duck down you sleep on providing comfort that turns into memories of the last minute its original owner was alive.

    Their songs might make you feel like a diabetic on thirty doughnuts blended with the bittersweet feelings of a prisoner on death row having his favourite last meal.

    Courtesans consist of bi polar unicorn, anxious unicorn, schizophrenic unicorn and major depressive unicorn. Their music is pop lying on the train tracks.

    Hailing from London, England, the four members of Courtesans come together as one to deliver songs that shake up establishments, break down walls and fearlessly dare to be different amongst a plethora of carbon copy carnage.

    Dark meets light, disturbing yet liberating (“We want more women to pick up instruments. Be musicians, tour managers, sound engineers and say f**k it! Don’t leave it up to the boys, but do not dumb down your femininity to be respected, be yourself and be free! We want to not only encourage women in music but for more men to accept that it is ok to look up to female artists.”); the five tracks on offer serve to be devoured and are the sound of a group set to soar.

    Sinead La Bella - Vocals,
    Saffire Sanchez - Guitar,
    Agnes D. Jones - Bass,
    Vikki Frances - Drums

British doom pop group Courtesans announced for Bloodstock Festival ahead of EP release / New song 'Knowhere' now streaming online   Rising stars Courtesans have been invited to perform live at the UK’s number one metal

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News Was Posted on: 22nd March, 2017

As seen on Kerrang! Check out the “awesomely dark” new music video by hotly tipped London alt rock group Courtesans. Courtesans explain,“‘Mesmerise’ is about being entranced so deeply that you lose yourself and forget who you

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News Was Posted on: 13th February, 2017
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  • Better Safe Than Sober
  • Better Safe Than Sober

    Released : 2017
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Mesmerise
    2. Feel The Same
    3. John Doe
    4. Knowhere
    5. The Tide

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