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About Pro Pain

  • The New York quartet Pro-Pain require little introduction. Since their trailblazing debut album Foul Taste Of Freedom, which was nominated for a whole range of awards in the early 1990s, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil has earned the affection and respect of countless fans worldwide and is rightly considered to be a true hardcore metal legend. Every Pro-Pain album is a paragon of intensity, inspiration, honesty and unwillingness to compromise. Their 14th studio recording The Final Revolutionmarks the band’s return to their old form: “The music is quite dark, and the groove and tempos are very reminiscent of the classic Pro-Pain style as opposed to our last album Straight To The Dome, which was a bit more thrashy”, Meskil explains. 

    The Final Revolution was recorded, mixed, and mastered by V.O. Pulver (Gurd) at Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, Switzerland from August 18th to August 29th, 2013. Meskil wrote all of the music and lyrics at his home in Sarasota, Florida: “In order to keep things interesting, I decided to take the reins and handle all of the writing duties alone this time.It’s the first Pro-Pain album since the 90s in which I’ve written everything.” The result proves his attitude was the right one: the production is raw and in your face, and the reactions thus far are overwhelmingly positive. Meskil: “It sounds extremely pissed off, and that’s exactly what a great Pro-Pain album should sound like. Mission accomplished!”

    Meskil is referring to a good dozen hard-as-nails Pro-Pain numbers which would be difficult to surpass in terms of drive and energy. The title track ‘The Final Revolution’, for example, has all of the Pro-Pain ingredients: thrash, groove, breakdown, solo, and lyrics about current world affairs. Meskil is particularly proud of ‘Southbound’, a personal song about his trek south, burying the past, and remaining true to what he does. The Final Revolution even features a side to the band which we haven’t seen for a long time: ‘One Shot One Kill’, with a style and feel that haven’t been used in Pro-Pain since ‘Death On The Dance Floor’ from their 1992 debut Foul Taste Of Freedom. Meskil: “It’s quite refreshing, actually.”

    The same can be said of Meskil’s lyrics on The Final Revolution in general: “All of my lyrics come from the heart via life’s experiences. I’m passionate about the world, where it’s heading, and about my role in it. I sing about the plight of the common man. Yet I dare not preach to anyone. For if you want your views to be respected, you must give the same respect in return with regard to opposing views. As for inspiration, I don’t draw lyrical inspiration from anything but my inner core, and that’s what keeps the lyrics honest and passionate.”

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  • The Final Revolution
  • The Final Revolution

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Deathwish
    2. One Shot One Kill
    3. Southbound
    4. Problem Reaction Solution
    5. The Final Revolution
    6. CanĀ“t Stop the Pain
    7. All Systems Fail
    8. Want Some?
    9. Fall From Grace
    10. Emerge
    11. Mass Extinction
    12. Under the Gun
  • No End In Sight
  • No End In Sight

    Released : 2008
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
    2. Halo
    3. Hour Of The Time
    4. To Never Return
    5. Where We Stand
    6. Phoenix Rising
    7. Go It Alone
    8. All Rise
    9. God's Will
    10. The Fight Goes On
    11. Where We Stand (Remix)
  • Shreds Of Dignity
  • Shreds Of Dignity

    Released : 2002
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. The Shape Of Things To Come
    2. Gone Fishin'
    3. Down for The Cause
    4. No Way Out
    5. Shreds Of Dignity
    6. Walk Away
    7. F.O.A.D.
    8. Lock N' Load
    9. Casualties Of War
    10. 24/7
    11. Justice Must Be Done
    12. Kill Or Be Killed
  • Road rage
  • Road rage

    Released : 2001
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Stand Tall
    2. I Remain
    3. Life's hard
    4. Get Real
    5. Act Of God
    6. Smoking Gun
    7. In For The Kill
    8. Don't kill yourself to live
    9. Foul Taste Of Freedom
    10. Crush
    11. Shine
    12. Make War Not Love
    13. State Of Mind
    14. The Stench Of Piss
    15. Bad Blood
    16. Iraqnophobia
    17. Pound For Pound