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About Taproot

  • Back in the mid 90s, a band called Cymonic Drive featured Dan (now in the band Madhops) on bass and Dennis AKA D-hauz (now ex-20 Dead Flower Children)[citation needed] on vocals. While another band called Skumbag[citation needed] featured Steve (now of Taproot) on drums and Mike (now of Taproot) on guitar. One day these bands played a gig together and they both took an interest in each other's band. After a few conversations, the 4 members dissolved their current bands and formed the first incarnation of Taproot. The initial line-up featured D-hauz on vocals, Mike on guitar, Dan on bass and Steve on drums.

    The band's first song was "Coma 99" which later went on to become a 20 Dead Flower Children song in a different version. Things went well at the start but the band's line-up only lasted about 3–4 months when it was cut short by D-hauz leaving the band to join 20 Dead Flower Children after their original singer left the band. With no singer to front the band Dan left shortly after and formed Madhops. Taproot's future wasn't looking too bright until Steve stepped out from behind the drumkit and attempted the vocal duties, it turned out that Steve could sing adequately which brought Dan back into the fold to lay down the bass on some demo tracks (one of which included the song from Taproot's debut album, ...Something More Than Nothing, called "Negative Rein4sment", in which Dan can also be heard busting a freestyle on). The new band configuration worked out well but Dan was well into Madhops and returned to them leaving Steve and Mike to search out a few new musicians to take their place. They first found Phil, their current bass player, before finding J-rod, their long-time drummer, which worked well and was their stable line-up back then.

    In 1997, Taproot sent their demo to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Impressed with their material, he offered to get them a recording contract through Interscope Records. However, after extended negotiations, Taproot looked elsewhere, where they finally landed a lucrative record deal with Atlantic Records. Durst heavily cursed the band on vocalist Stephen Richards' answering machine. He also put some blame on System of a Down, who assisted Taproot in securing the Atlantic deal. In retaliation, Durst also kicked System of a Down off the 1999 Family Values Tour. Taproot later went on to independently release three albums: ...Something More Than Nothing (1998), Mentobe (1998) and Upon Us(1999).

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  • The Episodes
  • The Episodes

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Good Morning
    2. No Surrender
    3. Lost Boy
    4. Memorial Park
    5. The Everlasting
    6. Around the Bend
    7. A Kiss From the Sky
    8. Strange & Fascinating
    9. A Golden Grey
    10. We Don't Belong Here
  • Plead The Fifth
  • Plead The Fifth

    Released : 2010
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Now Rise
    2. Game Over
    3. Fractured [Everything I Said Was True]
    4. Release Me
    5. Stolage
    6. 911ost
    7. Trophy WiFi
    8. Words Don't Mean A Thing
    9. Left Behind
    10. No View Is True
    11. Stares
  • Blue-Sky Research
  • Blue-Sky Research

    Released : 2005
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. I Will Not Fall For You
    2. Violent Seas
    3. Birthday
    4. Facepeeler
    5. Calling
    6. Forever Endeavor
    7. April Suits
    8. Lost In The Woods
    9. So Eager
    10. She
    11. Promise
    12. Nightmare
    13. Blue-Sky Research / What's Left
  • Welcome
  • Welcome

    Released : 2002
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Mine
    2. Poem
    3. Everything
    4. Art
    5. Myself - Edited/Clean
    6. When
    7. Fault
    8. Sumtimes - Edited/Clean
    9. Breathe - Edited/Clean
    10. Like - Edited/Clean
    11. Dreams
    12. Time
  • Gift
  • Gift

    Released : 2000
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Smile - Amended Version
    2. Again & Again - Amended Version
    3. Emotional Times - Amended Version
    4. Now - Amended Version
    5. 1 Nite Stand - Amended Version
    6. Believed - Amended Version
    7. Mentobe - Amended Version
    8. I - Revised Radio Mix
    9. Mirror's Reflection - Amended Version
    10. Dragged Down - Amended Version
    11. Comeback - Amended Version
    12. Impact - Amended Version

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