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About Fallen Fate

  • Fallen Fate are a Modern Metal Band from the North East of England.

    Forming in 2005, Fallen Fate Self Produced and Released their debut EP 'REVENGANCE' in Mid 2008. The EP recieved much positive feedback from fans and critics and has sold hundreds of copies, both physical and online downloads. The band began to play shows all around the UK to build a strong following.

    In Summer 2010, Fallen Fate played to 1500 fans at the pre-show of the prestigious Download Festival after being chosen by fans of the festival to perform. The band returned to the Festival again in 2011 to play an invite only event on the 3rd Stage becoming the first unsigned band to play Donington 2 years in a row.

    In Summer 2011, Fallen Fate self produced and Released their debut album 'THE VIRUS HAS SPREAD' to critical acclaim. The 12 track album continues to sell well through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and physical copies. In September 2011 the band toured the UK and Ireland in support of The Virus has Spread with Onslaught & Gama Bomb. The band recieved blistering reviews both from the UK Media and the audience each night. 

    2012 saw Fallen Fate head out on two seperate and successful Headline UK Tours, Headline the Unsigned Stage at the Bloodstock Festival and Sub-Headline the first Beermageddon Festival. The rest of the year the band finished writing the material for their much anticipated 2nd album. 

    In Early 2013, Fallen Fate began recording their 2nd Album 'INTO THE BLACK' at Stymphalian productions in York. The 10 Track Concept Album greatly evolves and creates a more unique sound for Fallen Fate. With a headline UK Tour Booked for September 2013, Fallen Fate are preparing to showcase INTO THE BLACK worldwide.

    Influenced by American Metal and also Modern Thrash Metal, Fallen Fate bring a mix of Speed and heavy technical riffs to create a contemporary and unique brand of Metal

Fallen Fate have announce Rab Duffy as their new guitarist.  He joins the Modern Metal band from the North East after parting ways with Piers Donno-Fuller earlier in the year. The band have spent the summer searching for a replacement and have had

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News Was Posted on: 6th September, 2014
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  • Into the Black
  • Into the Black

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. The Rise
    2. Blackened Within
    3. Until the Final Hour
    4. Into the Black
    5. Possession
    6. I Welcome the Dead
    7. Rituals
    8. Last Rites
    9. The Demise
    10. Vespa
  • The Virus Has Spread
  • The Virus Has Spread

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Insurrection
    2. Downfall
    3. Origin of Sin
    4. In Ruins
    5. Liberation
    6. Descendancy
    7. Asphyxihate
    8. Sacred Suicide
    9. The Virus Has Spread
    10. Pendulum
    11. Victims Aren't We All
    12. The End Is Over