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About Sister Sin

  • Since 2002, SISTER SIN has worked hard to earn their position at the top of the metal scene and with a third album release on the way, they are clearly here to stay. The blueprints for Sweden's dirty metal cartel SISTER SIN were traced nearly ten years ago. Former bassist, Chris Martensson and current drummer Dave Sunderberg became fast friends, recognizing their mutual interest in 80's metal and their yearning to play the music unconventional to their home country. The pair quickly formed a band of their own in hopes to assault all ears around the world.

    The search for the perfect front man began and they soon discovered vocalist Liv Jagrell. Although a female part wasn't their original idea, they decided to give her a shot and Dave explains, "It turned out she could sing better and had more balls than any of the other guys who tried out for the gig." With Liv on board, there was only one link missing: a guitarist.

    Without hesitation, Dave phoned an old high school friend, Jimmy Hitula, who was known as the "best extreme metal guitar player around." With Jimmy's acceptance, everything was finally in place. The group finally began to craft their sound by fusing raw punk-rock energy with the power of classic metal. With their unique sound and line-up solidified, SISTER SIN gained widespread success in Europe and soon reached out to US based label Victory Records. The foursome signed to the label in 2008 and has since been able to successfully deliver their powerful sound to the US.

    Four years and two Victory releases later, SISTER SIN has announced their highly anticipated third full -length album, Now and Forever, set to be released on October 22, 2012. Along with the most recent addition of bassist Strandh, the furious bunch is on a mission to continue to deliver rock through their capitvating vocals, electrifying guitar riffs and an overall hard-hitting metallic forcer.

    SISTER SIN has completed several full tours throughout the United States and European regions. Amongst the many stages played, SITER SIN has been able to share the spotlight with monumental acts such as MOTORHEAD, ALICE COOPER, DOOR, ILL INO, OTEP and more. With a fully packed schedule to accompany the release of Now and Forever, SISTER SIN continued to tour throughout Sweden and followed it by a yet another full US tour that winter. This band is not into retro, retread hype; this is a serious testament to the raucous spirit of true 80's heavy metal and Rock 'n' Roll. If you're into rebellious, unapologetic, intense music then you're sure to become a fan of SISTER SIN and check out their new third full-length album, Now and Forever. This may quite possibly be the REAL metal album of 2012. 

    Taking fans back to where it all began, SISTER SIN rereleased their first studio album,Dance Of The Wicked, in June of 2013, which included a DVD of all of their energy-packed music videos, live performances and more! 

    With their sights set on world domination, let SISTER SIN show you what it really means to rock 'n roll. 

    "We want to make you all bang your head, spit your beer and leave the gig with a big smile and a good wry neck!" - Liv.

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  • Dance of the Wicked
  • Dance of the Wicked

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Kiss the Sky
    2. Dance of the Wicked
    3. Fall into My Dreams
    4. End of the Beginning
    5. Love Lies
    6. Dirty Damn I
    7. Paint It Black
    8. Tragedy Loved Company
    9. Minor You (Major Me) [Demo]
    10. Writings on the Wall (Demo)
    11. Head over Heels for Love (Demo)
    12. Rock n Roll
  • Now and Forever
  • Now and Forever

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. MMXII
    2. End of the Line
    3. Fight Song
    4. In It for Life
    5. Hearts of Cold
    6. The Chosen Few?
    7. Hang 'Em High
    8. I'm Not You
    9. Running Low
    10. Shades of Black
    11. Morning After
  • True Sound of the Underground
  • True Sound of the Underground

    Released : 2010
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Sound Of The Underground
    2. Outrage
    3. Better Than Them
    4. 24/7
    5. Heading For Hell
    6. I Stand Alone
    7. Built To Last
    8. The Devil I Know
    9. Times Aren't A-Changing
    10. Nailbiter
    11. Beat Em Down
  • Switchblade Serenades
  • Switchblade Serenades

    Released : 2008
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Beat The Street
    2. Death Will Greet Us
    3. One Out Of Ten
    4. Breaking New Ground
    5. On Parole
    6. Make My Day
    7. Hostile-Violent
    8. Switchblade Serenades
    9. Love/Hate
    10. All Systems Go
    11. Eye To Eye