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About Cryostorm

  • Formed in 2007 in Devon, England, Cryostorm deliver a blizzard of metal that is as beautiful and melodic as it heavy and intense. Having shared venues such as Bloodstock festival and London's O2 Arena with many of the biggest names in the business, the quartet continue to make a name for themselves with their phrenetic live shows and seldom matched technical virtuosity.

    2013 marks the release of their long awaited debut album “Version” featuring 11 slabs of what could be called the heaviest yet most melodic metal you can get. This album encapsulates the beginning of the band's career and sets the scene for the upcoming second album. Have you heard the intelligently bright, beautiful and brutal melodic powerhouse that is Cryostorm?


    Booking agent : Rachael Harrison - ensomanagement1@gmail.com - +447816413288

    Management : Rachael Harrison -Enso Music Management- ensomanagement1@gmail.com

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  • Destroyer Of Ardor
  • Destroyer Of Ardor

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Destroyer Of Ardor
    2. Solacing
    3. Destroyer of Ardor
    4. Beyond Victory
    5. I Am Anomaly
    6. Furnacing (I Defrost)

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