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About Eternal Storm

  • Eternal Storm is a Melodic Extreme Metal band that was created in late 2006 under the name of Death Valley by Kheryon (vocals) and Tephros (drums, ex-Beneath Your Fears) along with another musicians. The band pretended to play some kind of symphonic black metal but went into a hiatus shortly after. Some later, in late 2007, Kheryon (now playing bass too) and Tephros reformed Death Valley and brought Daniel Maganto as guitarist. After a few rehearsals Daniel invited his friend Jaime Torres to join as second guitarist: now that a line-up was established they started to write music in the vein of old school melodic death metal with some black metal touches and other traces of their own, blending aggression with melodic guitar work and epic riffs as well as atmospheric nuances. Tephros left the band some time after due to schedule problems. The band spent a short period as a trio and then a couple of months jamming with Carlos Gumuzio (currently in The Descent), who would eventually leave the band in order to spend more time in his other projects as a vocalist. 

    During mid 2009 Death Valley changed his name to Eternal Storm just before recording their first songs: the new name shows the progression in the band's style and concept. In October 2009, Ramón Mejías de Salas joined Eternal Storm and the quartet started to perform their first shows. After some difficult times which followed Ramon's departure, it was in July 2011 when Luis "Lucho" Rodríguez from the almighty progressive metalheads Distance defined the lineup and some months later recorded what would become their debut EP 'From the Ashes', which was released in Spring 2013. 

    So far, Eternal Storm has played with bands such as Leprous (Nor), Lock Up (UK/Swe), Blindead (Pol), Nami (And), Darkness By Oath, Kathaarsys, Moonloop, Noctem, Apocynthion...Now you only have to wait for the unleashing of the Storm...


    Daniel Jimeno - Vocals/Bass (2006-)
    Jaime Torres - Guitar (2008-)
    Daniel Maganto - Guitar (2007-)
    Luis Rodríguez - Drums (2011-)

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  • From The Ashes
  • From The Ashes

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Unfading Memories
    2. From the Ashes
    3. Boundaries of Serenity
    4. A Picture in the Dark
    5. Eternity Forgotten (Follow the Cycle)
    6. The Dream
    7. Grey Skies
    8. Distance