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About Conquest of Steel

  • Conquest of Steel have been hailed as Britains finest heavy metal warriors, and not without due cause. Renowned for their manic live shows Conquest are a band that truly delivers on its promise of true heavy metal! Clad in denim and spikes these proud flag bearers of the UK metal scene continue to spill the blood of false pretenders.

    Conquest of Steel are sorry to announce the departure of James 'Claymore' Clarke from the band. As his soul transcends to Valhalla, the rest of the band have seen fit to test their sword arms against other foes and thus Conquest of Steel will rest, until like King Arthur before them their steel is needed and they rise once more to battle the enemies of metal. To all those brothers and sisters of metal who have supported the Steel over the years... we salute you!

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  • Of Fire and Steel
  • Of Fire and Steel

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. All Men Must Die
    2. Metal All the Time
    3. Bring the Thunder
    4. Death Awaits Us Upon the Shore
    5. The Warrior and the Witch
    6. Horned Viper
    7. Mountain = Power
    8. Vengeance and Steel
    9. Here Comes the Metal
    10. Iron Fist On the Battlefield (Of War)
  • Hammer and Fist
  • Hammer and Fist

    Released : 2007
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. I Am Legend
    2. A Million Strong
    3. Born in Hell
    4. Lamentations of War
    5. Taste the Metal
    6. Warriors Guide
    7. Call of the Wild
    8. Under the Sign (of the Skull and Crossbones)
    9. May Your Blade Never Dull
    10. Fist of Steel Part 1
  • Conquest of Steel
  • Conquest of Steel

    Released : 2004
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Only the Devil Can Stop Us Now
    2. Bitch of Steel
    3. Summoning the Gods (of War)
    4. Hard Rockin' Steel
    5. Metal Witch
    6. In Victory or Death
    7. Heavy Metal Poisoning
    8. Conquest of Steel
    9. Can't Stop the Metal

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