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About Wings of Pegasus

  • This is where 'Fil with an F' resides! Wings of Pegasus is my band, we're currently unsigned. I also performed 2 auditions on the X Factor for a bit of fun in front of over 10 million people at Wembley Arena.
    Check out the debut album 'Wings of Pegasus - Persistence' available on the band website, itunes, spotify and amazon mp3.
    Also appeared on 'Celebrity Juice' on ITV2... life ambition achieved! Getting fantastic support at the moment, still on course to take over the world ;) This is just the start!!

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  • Persistence
  • Persistence

    Released : 2013
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    Track List
    1. Percy Johnson
    2. Heroe
    3. That's Metal (To My Ears)
    4. Don't Cry
    5. Art Not Commerce
    6. Amelia
    7. We Can Fall Down
    8. Haunted
    9. Paris Nord
    10. Greed
    11. Unwanted Stranger