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About Haerken

  • Since October 2009 Haerken have made themselves an increasingly popular addition to the already thriving Midlands metal scene. From aesthetic to subject, mediæval Britain is the primary inspiration. Myths, legends and indeed actual events which defined the middle ages are retold using methods originally perfected by the bard of yester-year in their poetic glorification of battles and folklore. Convention will usually seethe lute or lyre accompany this ancient musician’s eloquent and sweet melodic vocal, used to charm and entertain goodly folk of the court. The trouvères belonging to the house of Hærken, however, have long since forsaken this tradition-favouring instead the not so mellifluous and modern medium of metal. In doing so -and with intention to incite very different emotions athwart those of love and chivalry -they will assault which so ever ears would listen with a barrage of sound more solid than an Anglo-Saxon shield-wall. They retain the same level of vivid and graphic depiction which, in part, defined the art of the mediæval minstrel but now, the darkest tales of Robin Hood and King Arthur are heard alongside those of lesser-known yet already gruesome figures such as Black Annis and Sawney Bean. In 2011,Hærkenearned themselves a place on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock and 2012 saw the minaugurate Britain’s newest metal hast ilude, Beermageddon. Their presence was again requested at Beermageddon in 2013 followed by a slot at Warhornsfolk metal tournée also in 2013-allshows a massing impressive hordes. Hærken are currently celebrating the release of their highly anticipated and long awaited début orchestral opus“…Of Warriors &Kings” produced by the band themselves and Stymphalian Productions. The record was released on 24th June 2014 -the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn-and they have already confirmed a place at Scotland’s freshest metal extravaganza Les-Feston27-29thJune 2014followed closely by Liverpool’s Out Of The Ashes festival 11-13thJuly. Eager to continue to share their British fables and folklore from the overtly ornate yet brutally barbaric mediæval world, Hærken are preparing to march their record across Britain and, mayhap, further still… “Wæs Hæl stout and noble comrade! It is with pride, with privilege, and with unparalleled pleasure that we have received this invitation to return to Britain’s finest metal hast ilude. Since we four last tournéed here in 2011, we have completed our inaugurational orchestral opus and ‘tis our troth to again bring these tales before thee with another battle of truly epic proportions. To wit, arm thyself with thy finest war gear and let the tournament commence… We will see thee anon!”

Following on from last year’s fire-and flame-drenched performance from Hell, we are proud to announce that Irish black metal legends PRIMORDIAL will be headlining the event. A favourite on festival circuits, Primordial are set to bring their

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News Was Posted on: 26th February, 2017

Haerken announce tour dates Here is the message we received   Fine Fellows and Fair Fillies, the Tour of Bealltainn is nigh! To wit, as the annual May Day festival commenceth its carousels, we four shall embark upon our most recent campaign

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News Was Posted on: 11th April, 2015
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  • ...Of Warriors & Kings
  • ...Of Warriors & Kings

    Released : 2013
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    Track List
    1. Exordium
    2. King Herla
    3. The Eve Of Bealltainn
    4. One To Defend, One To Defeat
    5. The Wild Hunt
    6. Aetas Oblitus
    7. A Call To Arms
    8. The Kings’ Crusade
    9. Torquilstone
    10. The Bannauc Burn

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