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About Hogslayer

  • Hogslayer are a nasty sludge/noise metal machine that has risen from the ashes of Shaped By fate and Zonderhoof. Formed in 2012, the year the world ended, they have carved a gaping wound in the South Welsh heavy scene; and have destroyed the stage with the likes of Dopethrone, Gurt & Slabdragger.
    “Sludge Metal carnage from the word go. If you’re a fan of old school UK Sludge Metal of bands such as Iron Monkey and Acrimony then you’re going to love this like I did.”
    “sludge metal that flexes its technicality without being a jerk about it,”
    Vox - Lord Bastard
    Guitar - Baron Drakk
    Bass - Otto Kraal
    Bass - Damek Omsk
    Drums - Max Von Beek

    ''Visceral, morbid sludge from the mean streets of South Wales, Hogslayer’s slow-motion grind is as hostile and unrelenting as any nihilistic beard-wearer could hope for. With their debut album imminent, you’d think these sick bastards would cheer up a bit. But no. This is oppressive, ugly noise pollution at its finest.'' - Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer.

We are overwhelmed to have been selected to appear at this years Bloodstock Festival. It's a complete nightmare come true, the journey up to this point has been disgusting; we've loved it. Thanks to BOA & Simon Hall for giving us this huge

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News Was Posted on: 1st January, 2014
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  • Hogslayer
  • Hogslayer

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Nightfall On No Man's Land
    2. Down the Barrel
    3. A Grudge in the Key of Sludge
    4. Broken Lung
    5. There Was a Bloodbath
    6. Viper Strike
    7. All Roads Lead to Bastard
    8. Take Back the Hive
    9. Right to Remain

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