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About Phantom

  • Phantom is a heavy metal band from Toronto, Canada. The band was formed in January of 2012 by ex-ash Lee Blade members D.D. Murley (Vocals, Guitars), Necro Hippie (Bass) and J.J. Blade (Drums, vocals).

    The band's music is traditional heavy metal in the vein of Maiden/Priest/Dio, filtered through the sensibilities of the power trio format. Songs are immediate, catchy, and driving; the band having distilled their influences into a caustic solution that is both modern in scope and nostalgic in sound. Live, the band is engaging and dynamic; on record, powerful and nuanced.

    Phantom has played with fellow Canadian metal acts Cauldron, Skull Fist, Midnite Malice, Axxion and others, as well as opening slots for metal legends such as Accept and Diamond Head. Prior to forming Phantom, DD, Necro and JJ also enjoyed a brief stint as Canadian muscle rock legend Thor's backing band.

    Phantom released their first effort, The Powers That Be¯, in Feb 2013. Recording is set to begin in Fall 2013 on the band's next effort, tentatively titled ¦Of Gods And Men.

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  • ...Of Gods And Men
  • ...Of Gods And Men

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Megalith
    2. Children Of The Stars
    3. Too Young To Die
    4. Blood & Iron
    5. The Kings Road
    6. Trinity
    7. Of Gods And Men
    8. The Devil In Me
    9. Beyond The Sun

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