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About The Darkhorse

  • Up into the cosmos beyond the ether, A dying star is upon its final days.
    A fading light, on the final hours of its life the deity's hand reaches down and touches the star imploding it into itself spreading four pieces of debris hurtling towards the earth.

    The debris enters the earth's atmosphere and penetrates the earth down to its core with mammoth force and pressure it erupts flying chunks of lava and magma as if the gods are angry that it seems that the apocalypse is upon the blue planet.
    Locals who witness this "out of this world" phenomenon said they'd seen a glowing beast arise from this mayhem and chaos.

    A beast with a mane of fire hooves of thunder and breath of sulphur.
    Its heart of clockwork beating always on time never stopping forever pulsing.
    Darkhorse was conceived
    May God have mercy on our souls
    If only that was true, however The Darkhorse was formed in late 2013 (yes less than a year ago), out of what was Absolute Darkhorse. They had a brief spout of gigs in early 2013. The Brothers Groome met up with two thirds of SirBlackNewt, dropped the Absolute and voilà The Darkhorse emerges. A common love of similar bands (electric wizard, will haven, deftones, eyehategod, down) meant we hit it off instantly when it came to writing song, They were quickly taken under the wing of Neil Hudson (former Gutworm singer) and stuck into a studio to record the first of many EP's. They quickly made themselves known locally by grabbing the attention of ex raging speedhorn singer Frank Regan, and then for him to approach us to open for them at their hometown reunion show / warm up show for another festival along with heart of a coward, it’s safe to say this has been 'the year of the Darkhorse'.        
    The Darkhorse are so deeply ecstatic and over the moon about playing, what we feel is the only true metal festival in the UK, this is the first major festival we've been announced for and what a way to start things off. 
    All hail the Darkhorse!
    All Hail the Beard!

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  • A Badge of Dishonour & Discomfort
  • A Badge of Dishonour & Discomfort

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Dead Crows
    2. Delusions of Grandeur
    3. My Sweet Illusion
    4. Worshiped By Death
    5. A Badge of Dishonour & Discomfort
    6. March of the Infected

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