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About Earshot

  • Formation and Letting Go[edit]

    The band formed in 1999, with singer Wil Martin collaborating with guitarist Scott Kohler, bassist Guy Couturier and drummer Todd Wyatt in L.A. Bassist Johnny Sprague and guitarist Mike Callahan joined the band shortly after their debut was completed.

    Singer-songwriter Wil has cited Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, U2, and Soundgarden as influences and inspirations.

    The band's debut album, Letting Go, featured the song "Get Away". It received significant radio airplay, while the song "Headstrong" was featured in the motion picture Queen of the Damned. The songs "Get Away" and "Headstrong" were also included in the video game Legends of Wrestling 2 for Playstation 2 and Xbox. After months of touring with Staind, Kid Rock and Stone Temple Pilots, "Get Away" peaked at No. 4 on the charts and stayed in the Top 100 for over 60 weeks. Earshot returned to the studio in late 2002 after spending much of that year on the road.


    The band's second album, Two, was released in 2004. It includes the breakthrough hit "Wait," which was featured on the Madden NFL 2005 video game soundtrack and the MX vs. ATV Unleashed video game soundtrack. It was also featured in the DVD Tampa Bay Lightning 2004 Stanley Cup Champions.

    In early 2005, Earshot returned from the road in support of their second release.

    The Silver Lining[edit]

    In early 2007, Earshot signed with Indegoot/Fontana/Universal Recordings, and began working on a new album, produced by Brian Garcia and co-produced by Wil Martin. Tracks on the album include “MisSunderstood,” “Closer,” “Pushing to Shove,” “Wasted,” “Don’t Hate Me,” "Go," and “Sometimes”. The band posted its new single, "MisSunderstood," on their MySpace page at 12AM (EST) on May 13, 2008. The official nationwide radio release date for the single was May 26, 2008.

    The Ugly Truth (Single)[edit]

    On October 20, 2009, the band released a free single through their website, called "The Ugly Truth".

    Aftermath (Mini-LP)[edit]

    On May 7, 2014 Earshot released the first new single, "Now That It's Over", from their upcoming 5 song Mini-LP entitled 'Aftermath' via iTunes, Amazon, as well as their official website. Also, recently the band anounced that the second single of the album, "Let Me", will be released in June 24. The release date of the 'Aftermath' Mini-LP in its entirety, is TBA.

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  • Two
  • Two

    Released : 2004
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Wait
    2. Tounge-Tied
    3. Fall Apart
    4. Someone
    5. Rotten Inside
    6. Down
    7. Nice To Feel The Sun
    8. Again
    9. Goodbye
    10. Should've Been There
    11. Control
  • Letting Go
  • Letting Go

    Released : 2002
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Headstrong
    2. Misery
    3. Get Away
    4. Not Afraid
    5. Ordinary Girl
    6. We Fall, We Stand
    7. Wake Up
    8. This World
    9. Asleep, I Lie
    10. Unfortunate
    11. My Time

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