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About Rabid Bitch of the North

  • Rabid Bitch of the North are a three piece heavy metal band from Belfast Northern Ireland. They are very much inspired by traditional heavy metal bands and associate themselves with the NWOBHM and it's descendants. The bands musical character and individuality is very important to their ethos and ultimately they aim to be themselves. They like to play fast, hard, heavy and with fury!

Wearing their infuences on their sleeves, quite litterally, patched denim and all things NWOBHM is their art, they are the purveyors of traditional heavy metal. Northern Irish heavy metal trio Rabid Bitch Of The North strike back with a fantastic new

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News Was Posted on: 11th February, 2016
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  • Defending Two Castles
  • Defending Two Castles

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Defending Two Castles
    2. Sisyphus
    3. Us Against Them

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