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About Neurosis

  • Formation and early years (1985-1995)

    In late 1985, Scott Kelly, Dave Edwardson and Jason Roeder (formerly members of Violent Coercion) founded the band as a hardcore punk outfit, borrowing from British crust punk likeAmebix.

    In 1986 Chad Salter was added on second guitar, and in 1990, Simon McIlroy joined the band as a synthesizer/sampler. There have only been a few changes in the lineup of Neurosis's musicians since the band's inception. In 1989 Chad Salter was replaced by Steve Von Till, and in 1995 Noah Landis, a childhood friend of Dave Edwardson, replaced Simon McIlroy.

    With The Word as Law, Neurosis began to transition from the hardcore punk of Pain of Mind to the more experimental sound of Souls at Zero, which would ultimately form the basis for post-metal. Neurosis' signature sound came into full force with Enemy of the Sun, with The Quietus observing that "at the time few could have predicted this black hole of agonizingly precise metal riffs, unnerving backmasking, industrial folkisms and extensive sampling".

    Through Silver in Blood to A Sun That Never Sets (1996-2004)

    In 1996, Neurosis attracted mainstream attention with its Relapse Records debut, Through Silver in Blood and subsequent tour with Pantera. In 1999, Neurosis released Times of Grace, which was designed to be played synchronously with Grace, an album released by Neurosis' ambient side project, Tribes of Neurot.

    In the early 2000s, the band founded their own independent record label, Neurot Recordings, which, in addition to releasing material from Neurosis and its associated projects, signed several other artists.

    Beginning with A Sun That Never Sets, Neurosis began incorporating clean vocals and acoustic instrumentation into its sound. Allmusic described this change as an "aesthetic sea change".2004's The Eye of Every Stormexpanded upon this change by incorporating more slow moments and ambient textures into the mix.

    Recent activity (2007-present)

    With Given to the Rising (2007), Neurosis re-incorporated a more aggressive approach into their music once again.

    The band entered the studio in December 2011 to record the follow-up to Given to the Rising. The new album, entitled Honor Found in Decay, was released in late October 2012.

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  • Honor Found In Decay
  • Honor Found In Decay

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. We All Rage In Gold
    2. At The Well
    3. My Heart For Deliverance
    4. Bleeding The Pigs
    5. Casting Of The Ages
    6. All Is Found... In Time
    7. Raise The Dawn
  • Given to the Rising
  • Given to the Rising

    Released : 2007
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Given to the Rising
    2. Fear and Sickness
    3. To the Wind
    4. At the End of the Road
    5. Shadow
    6. Hidden Faces
    7. Water Is Not Enough
    8. Distill (Watching the Swarm)
    9. Nine
    10. Origin
  • The Eye of Every Storm
  • The Eye of Every Storm

    Released : 2004
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Burn
    2. No River To Take Me Home
    3. The Eye of Every Storm
    4. Left to Wander
    5. Shelter
    6. A Season in the Sky
    7. Bridges
    8. I Can See You
  • A Sun That Never Sets
  • A Sun That Never Sets

    Released : 2001
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Erode
    2. The Tide
    3. From the Hill
    4. A Sun That Never Sets
    5. Falling Unknown
    6. From Where Its Roots Run
    7. Crawl Back In
    8. Watchfire
    9. Resound
    10. Stones From the Sky
  • Souls at Zero
  • Souls at Zero

    Released : 2000
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. To Crawl Under One's Skin
    2. Souls at Zero
    3. Zero
    4. Flight
    5. The Web
    6. Sterile Vision
    7. A Chronology for Survival
    8. Stripped
    9. Takeahnase
    10. Empty
    11. Souls - Demo
    12. Zero - Demo
    13. Cleanse III - Live in London
  • Pain of Mind
  • Pain of Mind

    Released : 2000
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Pain of Mind
    2. Self-Taught Infection
    3. Reasons to Hide
    4. Black
    5. Training
    6. Progress
    7. Stalemate
    8. Bury What's Dead
    9. Geneticide
    10. Ingrown
    11. United Sheep
    12. Dominoes Fall
    13. Life on Your Knees
    14. Grey
    15. Stalemate - Live
    16. Black - Live
    17. Instrumental - Live
    18. Grey - Live
    19. Pollution - Live
    20. Life on Your Knees - Demo
    21. Reasons to Hide - Demo
    22. Ingrown - Demo
    23. Pain of Mind - Demo
    24. Dominoes Fall - Demo
  • Times of Grace
  • Times of Grace

    Released : 1999
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Suspended In Light
    2. The Doorway
    3. Under the Surface
    4. The Last You'll Know
    5. Belief
    6. Exist
    7. End of the Harvest
    8. Descent
    9. Away
    10. Times of Grace
    11. The Road To Sovereignty
  • Through Silver In Blood
  • Through Silver In Blood

    Released : 1996
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Through Silver In Blood
    2. Rehumanize
    3. Eye
    4. Purify
    5. Locust Star
    6. Strength of Fates
    7. Become the Ocean
    8. Aeon
    9. Enclosure In Flame
  • Enemy of the Sun
  • Enemy of the Sun

    Released : 1994
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Lost
    2. Raze the Stray
    3. Burning Flesh in Year of Pig
    4. Cold Ascending
    5. Lexicon
    6. Enemy of the Sun
    7. The Time of the Beasts
    8. Cleanse
    9. Takeahnase - Demo Version
    10. Cleanse II - Live In Oberhausen

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