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About Coronach

  • Formed in the middle of 2011, Coronach set out to write riffs that thrashed, chugged and crushed, and with ex members from local Sludge/Stoner titans A Horse Called War (Haydn Morgans, David Vickers and Simon Cooper), the outlook was bright.

    After a few months of writing, a singer was needed. Both Haydn and Cooper knew of only one person that would fit the bill. Kevin Arrowsmith was introduced into the bad and the line up was complete. His vocal stylings and work ethics made him perfect. Sadly after only 1 month of solid band writing, founding member David Vickers could not continue due to work and family comitments, so he parted in good terms, but left the mammoth task of finding a guitarist that was not only able to play at an extremely high standard, but could be in the same frame of mind as the others.

    After an evening, Cooper asked the mighty (but slighty unhinged) Tom Roberts, whom he grew up with. Being they both knew eachother's workings, and the technical brilliance of Haydn, it wasn't long before Coronach had the songs that would turn any mortal to dust. Are sound is are own, we make the rules and no style of music is exempt from being part of are songs.Are 1st album is due for release late July / early August and we will be playing shows from here to Timbucktoo, so come down and have a listen for yourself and then help us spread the word of Coronach.

    The futures bright... The future s Coronach

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  • Mountain Kings
  • Mountain Kings

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Oblivion in a Box
    2. In Devastation Lies Opportunity
    3. Death Bed Memorys
    4. Acts of Vengeance
    5. In the Shadows of Tyranny
    6. Insanity Follows
    7. Mountain Kings

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