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About Skreamer

  • The London metal stars are back with a new line-up and a crushing new album. In the past year, Skreamer have smashed through all adversity and obstacles to prove their place amongst Europe's finest.

    After the sudden departure of their guitarist and drummer in the midst of a tour last year, they were back on the road with a new line-up in a matter of days. ?Against all odds, they finished their UK and Europe tours and without hesitation began composing their follow up album to 2013's "Blackened Earth".

    Skreamer have since relocated to North Wales to focus on writing for their upcoming record, taking their first break from three years of relentless touring. The new album is set to be released later this year.

    Samuel Morter - Lead guitar and vocals
    Steve Walker - Rhythm guitar
    Adam Kniveton - Drums

CALLING ALL METAL 'EADS!!!  Skreamer are looking for a Metal Drummer and a Metal Rhythm Guitarist!!! Auditions will be happening in the New Year, so here's a heads up, Book yours now!!! A chance to be part of an already established

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News Was Posted on: 14th December, 2014

When Skreamer arrived at the venue I was informed that they had become a three-piece band which I was abit down about but when they got on the stage ready to start their set I felt that they as a three-piece band could work out really well. As they started

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News Was Posted on: 13th October, 2014

Here we go again another band from Rock Diabetes speak to us We have contacted Skreamer who 4 of us will be going to see at Rock Diabetes down in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Rock Diabetes for the third year running presents a day full of

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News Was Posted on: 3rd October, 2014

On the 12th September 2016 Wales based London band 'Skreamer' released their new album, 'King Of Crows'; through a free download via MetalHammer/TeamRock. This is an album I have been waiting for since hearing that it was in production. Like

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News Was Posted on: 4th October, 2016

  • King Of Crows
  • King Of Crows

    Released : 2016
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. My Darkness
    2. Pig Feed
    3. The Awakening
    4. Vacancy
    5. Let 'em Burn
    6. Welcome To Paradise
    7. This Is War
    8. King Of Crows
  • Blackened Earth
  • Blackened Earth

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Victim
    2. S.M.I.L.E
    3. Nothing
    4. Opiate
    5. Flesh and Blood
    6. Straight to Hell
    7. Bad Trip
    8. Time
    9. Blackened Earth

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