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About Kill for Eden

  • Kill For Eden is a 5-piece hard rock band from London. Building from classic foundations in the form of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, Kill For Eden take their influences from the The Cult’s solid riffs, Blondie’s instant melody and Garbage‘s contemporary mix of pop hooks and rebel attitude. They've been gigging around England and released their debut album in May 2013. A 3 song EP featuring 2 brand-new songs and a remixed ‘Living On Mars’ from their album was released November 2013.

    The band are currently in pre-production for their second album due 2015.

    Their album has been featured in the music press in magazines such as Black Velvet/Sonic Shocks/Devolution (cover CD too) and inclusion on the Fireworks magazine cover CD for their May/June 2013 issue. They also achieved airplay around the UK including Bloodstock FM and XFM.

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After talking with Phil Rogers from BritRockArmy PR, he pointed me towards one of his bands and here is one I had the pleasure of adding and listening to their music at the same time, What made it even better was when the responded and answered

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News Was Posted on: 29th October, 2014
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  • Kill for Eden
  • Kill for Eden

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Kerosene - Radio Mix
    2. Untouchables
    3. Beige
    4. Stalemate
    5. The Evil That Men Do
    6. Living on Mars
    7. Fate Insists
    8. Ned
    9. Over & Over
    10. Slip Away
    11. Little Wizard
    12. Alone With My Demons
    13. The Truth
    14. Kerosene
  • Living on Mars EP
  • Living on Mars EP

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Living on Mars
    2. The Dome
    3. Shoot Me

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