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About Garuda Force

  • Formed in 1998 under the name MELS Band and always took part in some band competitions and rock music events.

    Since 2004 Toto(Vocals), Jay (Lead Guitar), Irfan (Bass), Badr (Drums) played speed/heavy metal cover songs of POWER METAL ,HELLOWEEN,Yngwie J.Malmsteen ,etc.

    After Irfan decided to resign from this band in 2006 due to move to another city, MELS Band had no activity until 2008. In 2009 MELS Band members decided to change its name to GARUDA FORCE with new vocalist , Kavit. The former vocalist (Toto) became a bassist

    This band started to compose/arrange their own old songs and participated in rock events that were held around Jakarta and its surrounding area.

    Due to personal problem (and busy working), Kavit (vocalist) quit the band,and vocal position goes to REGI  Weking since May 2012 up to now and  this band continued their mission to make a recording album.

    GARUDA FORCE recorded their own songs in MELS Studio from end of December 2012 until beginning of January 2013. MELS Studio is GARUDA FORCE homebase  as well as a music studio  owned by GARUDA FORCE guitarist,Jay G-Force. There are 5 songs recorded  and included in their debut album (mini album/EP) i.e. 2 tracks in English and the rest tracks (3 tracks) are in Indonesian Language.

    GARUDA FORCE has released their debut album independently (DIY) in November 2013.

    GARUDA FORCE has signed to DEFOX Records (Italian Record Label) to sell/distribute GARUDA FORCE songs of their debut album “BLUE SKY” via all worldwide digital webstores,starting 15 March 2014.

    Until now GARUDA FORCE is still active writing/composing their own songs for their next/upcoming album.

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  • Blue Sky
  • Blue Sky

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Blue Sky
    2. Bayang Malam
    3. Bencana
    4. Harta Tahata & Wanita
    5. If U Die

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