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About Cruel Humanity

  • Cruel Humanity first took shape in 1997 and are a well established band whose sound has continually evolved over the time they have existed. Always hard to categorise, they take inspiration from Black, Death and Doom Metal mixing aggression with melody to generate an epic sound with huge guitar/bass tones, fast paced percussion and a good dose of synths.

    Cruel Humanity have moulded their sound and carved their way into the metal scene over the years, headlining tons of gigs and making a stunning appearance centre-stage at the Bloodstock festival in 2003 which coincided with the release of their debut album, 'Creatures of Fear' on Shadowflame Productions.

    After some changes in the line up, Cruel Humanity are back with new members, new songs and a craving to write and perform. The new album is being recorded and the elusive ‘Something That Bleeds’ will be released as an EP.

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  • Creatures Of Fear
  • Creatures Of Fear

    Released : 2004
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    Track List
    1. Creatures Of Fear
    2. Blood Omen
    3. Into The Hall Of Fallen Heroes
    4. So This Is Life
    5. Mortal Journey
    6. Goblins
    7. 19.5 Degrees North
    8. The Pre Apocalyptic Stare

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