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About Neptunian Sun

  • Teamwork, passion and determination as a way to create music. The band was born in 2013, as a necessity, as a way to express with music the feelings we have inside. Without weak compromises or false aspirations. We like to create, play and record the music we want, no matter if it´s slow or fast, dark or melodic. The only thing that matters is...if we like it, we will enjoy...and then we will share it with you, if you want to listen.

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A friend could not wait to tell me about a new band that he found, all his recommendations have been spot on so far and this one does not disappoint, Neptunian Sun is a brilliant find and I loved listening to their free to download album

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News Was Posted on: 6th November, 2014
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  • Summoning Tides
  • Summoning Tides

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Blackwater Sun
    2. Waves of Sedna
    3. Battle of High Sea
    4. No light on this abyss
    5. Thy Vessel, Thy Tomb
    6. Halls of Oblivion

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