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About Khaos

  • Khaøs is based on the idea that music should not be so easily defined, nor its integrity compromised. The name is derived from—quite obviously—chaos, the mechanism of tearing down preconceived notions, clearing a path for new realms of creative endeavors. The cause came together internationally, breaking down boundaries and borders. Music without rules and without obstacles is the basis for creative motion and innovation. Out of that, Khaøs was born.

    The creative project has crossed continents, forming a collaborative effort in both Europe and North America. Aside from the lyrics and tone, the project’s unifying element is one of hard rock expression, which defies definition with every song. Rolling rhythms, flowing guitar and powerful vocals combine to create a heavy yet melodic metal sound.

    Although its members’ common denominator is rock and metal, each individual has performed and studied a wide variety of genres. Four members comprise Khaøs, with Chandler Mogel on vocals, Mark Rossi on guitar, N I c Angileri on bass and Trevor Franklin on drums. The band was connected and its musical endeavors combined through the efforts of producer Rolf Munkes at Empire Studios in Germany.

    Khaøs is born out of destruction, breaking boundaries to fill a void in musical production. The hard rock project has taken form through the debut EP “Khaøs Rising”, which was released in fall of 2012 to high critical acclaim. However, this was just the beginning…

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What's the name of your band? What's the origin of your band name? Chandler: The band’s name is Khaøs.  It comes from something born out of nothing, out of destruction and turmoil.        What

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News Was Posted on: 16th November, 2014
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  • Risen
  • Risen

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. After the Silence
    2. Crisis Factor
    3. Exalted
    4. Loaded Question
    5. End of Daze
    6. Merchants of Khaøs
    7. Ride the Chain
    8. Hung the Moon
    9. Imagined Danger
    10. Static Windows
    11. As Far as We Go
    12. The Breathing Room
  • Khaos Rising
  • Khaos Rising

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Distress Signal
    2. Hated
    3. Reason to Die
    4. Mind Violence
    5. Perfect Future
    6. Reason to Die - Radio Edit
    7. Perfect Future - Radio Edit