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About Mad Parish

  • MadParish is a six piece Heavy Metal band based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They combine their signature triple threat guitar sound with a ferocious and thundering rythhm section to create epic riffs and blistering harmonies that will quite literally blow you away,,, Their impeccable musicianship and mindfully crafted songs are supported by high energy performances and a killer stage presence, which the band uses to full effect each and every night...

    With their classic brand of memorable metal anthems. MadParish is definitely on the cusp of something huge...

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Mad Parish are a heavy metal band from Canada, who released their debut album 'Procession' in 2014. Featuring a triple guitar attack, their sound is a mix of power metal and hard rock resulting in a hard hitting, thunderous melodic aural assault.

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News Was Posted on: 13th August, 2015

  • Mad Parish Procession
  • Mad Parish Procession

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Darkness Befalls This Cursed Land
    2. Doppelganger
    3. Without Chains
    4. A Stitch in Crime
    5. Experience Hunter
    6. Mad Parish
    7. Procession
    8. To Build a Fire
    9. Red Baron
    10. The Rite of Belonging
    11. Dawn of the Unforgiven

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