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About Raging Rob

  • 2005-2008 The band was founded in Beijing China as 'Raging Mob' with the following line up: Robert Gonnella (vocals) David Hemmer (guitar) Meng Wang (guitar) Ke Liu (bass) Soldier (drums)

    The band played on various famous venues like Starlife, Club 13, Mao Livehouse, Mako & Yugonyishan as well as in Club 13 in Tianjin and at the Midi Open Air 2007 & 2008. In December 2008 the band released it's first and so far only CD simply called 'Raging Mob' which included 2 Assassin live cover songs 'Raging Mob' & 'Bushwhackers'.

    2009-2010 Meng Wang left the band as well Ke Liu had a one year overseas assignment so the band had following line up: Robert Gonnella (vocals) David Hemmer (guitars) Yifang Wang (guitars) (ex-Suffocated) Ke Jia (bass) Soldier (drums) The band hold various shows all over Beijing and took part at the Wacken Metal Battle China where Robert Gonnella received the honor 'Best Metal vocalist 2009'. 2010-2011 David Hemmer, Dong Song & Ke Jia all left the band while old bass player Ke Liu returned from Korea. The line up was: Robert Gonnella (vocals) Cui Guanke (guitar) Jin Feng (guitar) Ke Liu (bass) Soldier (drums)

    This line up took 'Best Metal Band 2010' at Wacken Metal Battle China at Mako's hall. In Summer at Wacken Open Air Robert Gonnella played with Assassin as Raging Mob China's Metal Battle winner outside the regular competition as the Chinese lads did not manage to come across to Germany.

    2012-2013 Robert left back to Germany where he allways played with his main band Assassin until 2013. Both guitar players left the band as well as the drummer. The only one remained was Ke Liu. The line up which still continues as a four piece band now under the name 'Raging Mob' in Beijing (but total different style now) was (and maybe is): Jiandong Li (vocals) Xiao Bian (guitar) Ke Liu (bass) Sofa (drums)

    2014-now NOW after leaving Assassin and Raging Mob a new decade has begun for Rob: the mighty member legends of ASSASSIN, WARRANT, HUMAN BASTARD & RAGING MOB forged their steel into RAGING ROB ! The band plays pure 80s old school thrash metal including many Assassin & Raging Mob songs. The band's line up consists of: Robert Gonnella (vocals) (ex-Assassin & ex-Raging Mob) Dirk Preylowski (lead guitar) (also plays at Warrant) Maik Jansen (rhythm guitar) (ex-Human Bastard) Rudi Gorg (bass) (ex-Human Bastard) Frank Nellen (drums) (ex-Assassin)

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  • Raging Mob
  • Raging Mob

    Released : 2008
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Re-Animator
    2. Promisebreaker
    3. Manifesto
    4. Slave to a lie
    5. Rage
    6. The blessing of the mob
    7. Residuals
    8. Destroy hate
    9. Raging Mob (live)
    10. Bushwhackers (live)

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