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About Betrayer F.T.M.

  • Betrayer f.t.m. is a thrash band formed in 2005 by Mauricio Murcia (lead guitar) and Jimmy Acevedo (vocals/guitar) Juan Camilo cobo (drums) and Carlos Vitery in the (Bass) in the same year Carlos left the band because he musto go to live in other city and give way to Nelson Marín, in 2007 Juan camilo and Nelson left the band to pursue their own projects and giving space to Felipe with his Wrecker drums and Clifford with his crusher bass. .. We have four productions so far: the first is Bestial Torment Rage 2007 a Indy demo the second is an EP called Get What You Deserve 2009 by released steeler prod, the Tape Bikes, Bullets, and Rock & Roll Produced by Rostrum Metralla Records from Bolivia 2010 and our first album No Life Till Fury released by Violent Records.

    Betrayer f.t.m. has perform in many gigs around Colombia and South America, the tours were the Ecuadorian assault Tour 2009, No Life Till Fury tour 2010 and The Burning Road Tour 2011

    BETRAYER F.T.M. ARE Jimmy Acevedo rhythm guitar and voacls - Mauricio Murcia Lead Guitar - Felipe Ospina Drums - Sebastian Alvarez Martinez Bass.

    Betrayer F.t.m. are the Forces and energies expressed with the sounds of metal

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Betrayer F.T.M. are a thrash metal band from Colombia.                   'City Hell' opens the album with a Black Sabbath style intro before it gathers pace and races to a conclusion, A slow haunting intro

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News Was Posted on: 17th August, 2014

  • Full Blast
  • Full Blast

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. City Hell
    2. Evil Hounds
    3. Shot me Down
    4. Thunder in the Night Sky
    5. Snake Eyes
    6. Filthy Sam
    7. Green Fire
    8. Raising Power
    9. Tridente Satanas
    10. Turn Your Head Around
  • No Life Till Fury
  • No Life Till Fury

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Machine
    2. One Day of Fury
    3. To Kill or Die
    4. La Orden Del Caos
    5. Midnight Poison
    6. No Life Till Fury
    7. Infernal Metal
    8. Caught By Hatred
    9. The Burning Road (Bikes, Bullets and Rock 'N' Roll)
    10. Budgie in Leather (Bonus Track)

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