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About Shirehammer

  • Began in 2010 as Scurvy Asshole, Shirehammer ensued as they broadened their horizons. Based int' mighty Yorkshire, during a college project drummer James recruited Sam for guitar, after which they decided to collaborate together for a project. After writing material they were joined by Conal on bass int' Winter of 2013. Sam picked up vocal duties temporarily due to a lack of vocalists int' area and thus Shirehammer was created.

    Playing heavy speedy grooves of a high calibre; Shirehammer are plundering their way across Yorkshire and will tour near YOU soon!

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  • Shirehammer
  • Shirehammer

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. T' Gallows Await
    2. Coo Story Bro
    3. The Drinking Song
    4. Shoop

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