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About Engraved in Blood

  • Hailing from the city of Nottingham - United Kingdom, Death metal rockers, Engraved In Blood are what you get when you hand Pinhead from Hellraiser an electric guitar.
    ( I Am Entertainment Magazine – August 2013 )

    Following a highly successful first year of gigging in 2012, which included appearances at BOMfest 2012 and Blast Festival, Engraved In Blood spent the first part of 2013 recording there full length studio album “Buried In A Forest Of Bodies”, which was released worldwide on I-tunes, Amazon, Napster and many other digital outlets in July 2013. Since its release, Buried has received radio airplay around the world, including USA, Russia, Canada, Latvia and Japan. Following this, the band played a number of small UK summer festivals including Khaos Festival 2013, and Coalfields 2013. 

    Going into 2014, Engraved In Blood started the year where they left off, with a full UK tour in January & February. This took the band to new area’s of the UK that they had not visited before, and included show in Wales. As well as this, Engraved In Blood also made it to the Semi Final stages of TBFM factor 2014, and appeared on the main stage at both Metal Gods Festival 2014 and Beermageddon 2014 alongside Onslaught, Lawn Mower Deth, Cambion and many more. 

    Looking ahead to 2015, Engraved In Blood are looking to return to the stage with a new line-up and new EP. The band will also aim to play in as many new area’s of the UK as possible whilst re-visiting some of their favourite venues. UK festivals are also planned for 2015. 

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  • Buried in a Forest of Bodies
  • Buried in a Forest of Bodies

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Blood, Guts, War
    3. Decompose
    4. Cancer Factory
    5. Re-Awakening
    6. Hamster Rebellion
    7. Buried in a Forest of Bodies
    8. Tits of Fury
    9. Battlecry of the Fallen

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