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About NG26

  • Since their inception in 2009, Midlands based NG26 have worked tirelessly in establishing themselves as genuine contenders  at the forefront of the newly resurgent UK Rock scene. The 4–piece band (formed by two sets of brothers) have spent the last few years relentlessly touring the width and breadth of the country, racking up some serious miles. And also receiving massive television exposure with 2 videos played back to back over the last 5 months on Kerrang TV.

    ‘Open Your Mind’ is the bands first commercial release and the 10 track album is a melodically furious fusion of massive metal riff’s and catchy as hell vocal’s that is all held together beautifully by a tight as a vice groove driven rhythm section that make all the plaudits this band have received for their live show all the more justified. Tracks such as ‘One More Road From Home’, and “Bring Back The Day” are hugely anthemic slices of metal tinged alternative rock that will appeal to fans of bands such as Stone Sour, Shinedown and Alter Bridge.

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  • Open Your Mind
  • Open Your Mind

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Bring Back the Day
    2. Otherside
    3. One More Road from Home
    4. Mine Tonight
    5. Look to the Sky
    6. Defiant
    7. All Fades Away
    8. Open Your Mind
    9. Recalling My Life
    10. World Crashes Down
  • break away
  • break away

    Released : 2006
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Crucify
    2. Can't Leave You Behind
    3. One More Time
    4. Break Away
    5. Endless Rage
    6. Liberty
    7. I'll Be Yours
    8. Give It to Me
    9. If I Had
    10. And I
    11. My Agony
    12. Silence

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