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About Black Rose

  • BLACK ROSE formed in 1980 with the original line up consisting of Steve Bardsley - Vocals/Guitar : Kenny Nicholson - Lead Guitar : Marty Rajn - Bass and Mark Eason - Drums.
    They played gigs all over the North East of England with a mixture of covers and self penned songs, gaining a large local fan base that followed them everywhere they played.
    In 1981 they recorded a live demo featuring six tracks at the renouned Impulse Studios in Wallsend, Newcastle the home of Neat Records.
    The six tracks were - Alright On The Night, Biker, Killer, Loveshock, Ready Aim Fire and Raised In Hell, which featured in both local and national rock playlists with Killer also getting  into the Bailey Bros.top 10 playlist and featured in KERRANG! magazine.
    The line up changed over the next year or so and now only Steve Bardsley remained from the original line up and he was joined by Chris Watson - Lead Guitar : Mick Thompson - Bass and Mal Smith - Drums.
    In 1982 they released their first single on the local Teesbeat label, a track called No Point Runnin' which bacame a bit of an anthem for the band b/w Sucker For Your Love.
    A local buisnessman, who was also a local music promoter called Jim Sculley, became the bands manager and apart from organising gigs and promoting the band, he also struck a deal with a Staffordshire based independant record label called Bullet - who in their early days were an exporter of UK rock music records - to release their first album Boys Will Be Boys in 1984.The album recieved very good reviews and was the main reason why they ended up being tagged as part of the second wave of NWOBHM that was very popular within the UK heavy rock scene at the time.
    A couple of major record labels started taking intrest in the band, most notably Atlantic and Bronze records, but sadly the signing of that major deal never came to fruition.
    The band toured all over the Uk and played three times at the legendary Marquee club in London as well as playing over in Euope where they headlined and also supported some of the biggest rock names from the 1980's including Diamond Head, Budgie, Raven. Spider, Vardis and Terraplane ( who later became Thunder ) to name but a few.
    A little disillusioned Chris decided to leave the band and was replaced by Ian Iredale on Lead Guitar, inspiring the band back into the studios to release an EP in 1985 named after the title track Nightmare and also featuring three other songs - Need A Lot Of Lovin', Rock Me Hard and Breakaway.
    This record was a slightly new sounding BLACK ROSE with a more melodic edge to it and big harmony vocals, which seemed to attract a lot of new fans and heralded some excellent reviews from the music press.
    Unfortunately Ian only appeared on this one record and Chris rejoined the band alongside new recruit Gary Todd - Guitar/Keyboards, as it was dedcided that Steve should ditch his guitar and become more of a frontman.
    They then went to down to Radio One's studios in London to record for the Friday Rock Show with the late Tommy Vance and recorded some brand new tracks for the show.
    In 1986 they went back into Impulse Studios to record their second album Walk It How You Talk It which also featured a young Pat O' Neil - Lead Guitar, after Chris left for a second time to move to pastures new.
    This album was a lot more melodic than their previous releases and was even compared by one journalist as being the UK's answer to Bon Jovi, with comparisons also being made to Def Leppard and Heavy Pettin' by music writer Martin Popoff, all fantastic praise indeed.
    The record was also picked up for release by the giant K-Tel organisation in the USA where it was repackaged and even came out as an early CD version which is now very rare.
    There was to be a major set back when they were set to go to America to do a promotional tour, but had it cancelled because of some ridiculous legal wranglings, which left all of them very disillusioned and even though a new line up was put together to gig and record, they eventually folded in 1989.
    In 2006 Steve, Chris, Mal and new bass player Kiko Rivers, decided to get back together to initially just record a new album which eventually was released as a download in 2010 called Cure For Your Disease.
    In 2010 Mal quit the band to pursue another intrest so Barry Youll, who had played with the band between 1986 - 87, rejoined for a short time before being replaced with current drummer Chris Bennet. 
    In 2011 they were also re-united with former guitarist Kenny Nicholson and played their first gig in over 20 years at the Cradle Will Rock all day festival at the Civic Hall in Shildon Co.Durham, which has led to the band putting together some live dates for 2012.


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  • Cure For Your Disease
  • Cure For Your Disease

    Released : 2010
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Cure For Your Disease
    2. Sign Of The Times
    3. Twice Shy Once Bitten
    4. Fight For Your Life
    5. Doghouse
    6. Baby Believe Me
    7. Love Addiction
    8. Killing Yourself To Live
    9. Got Me Where You Want Me
    10. Rock Renegades
    11. Take It Easy
    12. So Predictable
  • Bright Lights Burnin'
  • Bright Lights Burnin'

    Released : 2005
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. No Point Runnin'
    2. Sucker For Your Love
    3. Red Light Lady
    4. We're Gonna Rock You
    5. Boys Will Be Boys
    6. Stand Your Ground
    7. Fun & Games
    8. Baby Believe Me
    9. Party Animal
    10. California USA
    11. EZLY
    12. Walk It How You Talk It
    13. Wanted
    14. Keep The Bright Lights Burnin'
    15. Want Your Love

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