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About Guardian

  • Hailing from Northumberland, England. Guardian are an upcoming 4 piece metal band, specializing in incorporating multiple influences within their song writing. From harmonized guitar melodies, fast ferocious blast sections, hard hitting breakdown sections and imaginative guitar solos, Guardian brings it all to the table.

    The lyrical content of the bands songs is similar to the instrumental work, vast amounts of influences including anti-political lines, controversial subjects and home hitting realizations.

    The band self recorded, mixed and mastered their very first EP "Tyrants" and released it in May 2014.

    Within weeks of playing their first 3 shows after their EP's release, Guardian confirmed their first ever tour. A 32 day tour which sent them across 8 countries in Europe supporting the kings of Mexican deathcore, Frozen Remains.

    Following the great success of their time in Europe, RockSound magazine got in touch with the band and featured the title track from their EP "Tyrants" in the December issue of the mag along side artist such as: The Ghost Inside, Five Finger Death Punch, Attila and Machine Head.

    Since the release of the EP, Guardian have been hard at work writing a full length album, scheduled to be released late summer 2015.

    Over the course of this year, the band intend to spread their music as far and wide as possible. With all members of the band being fully committed to touring, whether it be in the UK or world wide, the possibilities for this band are endless.

    Be sure to give these northern lads a listen, they're going to be a band too look out for.

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  • Tyrants
  • Tyrants

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Truth is Treason
    2. Re-evaluate
    3. Tyrants
    4. The Consumer
    5. An Age Worth Living

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