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About Destroyed Beyond Belief

  • DESTROYED BEYOND BELIEF are currently preparing to conquer the world with the release of their blistering debut album entitled 'Destroyer'. 

    With their philosophy to innovate, they enslave obliterating brutal metal blended with anthemic choruses that by the end of a show, you'll be initiated into what can only be described as the "Destroyed Beyond Belief Experience". 

    Playing to sell-out crowds with bands such as DEVILDRIVER, SYLOSIS, BLEED FROM WITHIN, THE DEFILED, BREED 77, and also being the first band to play alongside Joey Jordison's SCAR THE MARTYR after his departure from Slipknot, DESTROYED BEYOND BELIEF have solidified their future as "a lesson in brutality" - (Midlands Metalheads).


    Sean - Vocals

    Ste - Guitars

    Edd - Guitars

    Alex - Bass

    Brooks - Drums

    Marie - Samples

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  • Destroyer
  • Destroyer

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Death Before Dishonour
    2. Broken Pride
    3. Driven Insanity
    4. Destroyer
    5. Hatred Rising
    6. Heroes Never Die
    7. Kingdom
    8. Embrace the Flames
    9. Blind Faith
    10. Revelation
    11. Scars to Bare
    12. Sorrow
    13. Days of Surrender

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