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About Psicorragia

  • Psicorragia born in 1994 in the underground metal scene of Lima. At that time, death metal and had anchored his black spirit in the founding members of the band. Alongside the doom metal, with its mournful sounds and harmonies dire, another path was welcomed by the members of this society. These two styles were the initial premises of the band: the brutal and historically black line drawn by the death metal and dense symphonies coupled with the darkness of doom.

    The band in full training was seeking its own sound and as time progressed and members were arriving to close the circle, including more aspects and nuances felt, experiencing early on in the context of musical darkness.

    By 1998, with the first stable line up, Psicorragia takes on sale its first demo "Autumn" in tape format. With a sepulchral art in black and white cover, the material was well accepted by the Peruvian and South American bangers. Criticism framed him a doom death metal, with some variations of styles within extreme music. Psicorragia had keyboards and violins for this first material, instruments that enhanced the gloomy effect that took place since its inception.

    This tape reached the hands of Joel Morales, master American Line Productions Seal of Mexico. Eventually it came to signing the first contract with the label the band a contract to produce the first album of the band. This was called "The Passion of The Mortal". The label moved album worldwide, achieving reviews and interviews with the band in various countries in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. He was in 2002 and the band was completely grounded in style, although with greater projection. In Peru the band was called for numerous concerts, with a good response from the bangers. Later the band was called to be the opening act for Dismember in his remembered visit to Peru in 2004.

    In 2005 the band recorded the EP "Omens of Agony", adding to the gloomy circle sound experimentation fees and symphonic details. The savage cut and extreme voices joined with the cello, keyboards and vocals, resulting in a tribute to darkness. The National Seal Mythic Metal Productions was in charge of the work on this occasion.

    In 2010 the band appears on the album Tribute to Mortem "Death Rules Supreme" edited by Heavier Records. This time Psicorragia pays homage to the masters of the Black Death metal with Peruvian version of "Unguy Maman, Mother Of Disease".

    The seal Gate of Horror Prods. was interested in bringing back to this old productions given the public order. It is so in September 2011 "Ruin and Death ... Genesis", the reissue of demo and album Autumn Passion of what appears Mortal together on one disc, fully remastered. The same seal a pact with the band do a similar project with the EP Omens of Agony, which include 3 bonus studio track, ie this year is almost an entire album.

    By October 2012 shows the Gate of Horror EP "Satire Macabre" in deluxe edition digipak included as a bonus the first video of the band "The Order of Chaos", recorded in HD.

    The seal Deathcult Records became interested in reissuing the EP "Omens of Agony", by placing departure in June 2014. This production will be released in digipack and will contain bonus tracks and unreleased versions made especially for that material. This reissue commemorates the 20th anniversary of the band.

    While the new album is in the midst of recording at this time, with themes that run through the most extreme dark and morbid metal paths. We are probably talking about a more violent offering dedicated to black metal, death song that Psicorragia always worshiped.

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  • Sátira Macabre
  • Sátira Macabre

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Sátira macabre
    2. Del exceso al infierno
    3. La orden del caos
  • Ruina y Muerte... El Génesis
  • Ruina y Muerte... El Génesis

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Vagitus
    2. Padecer Solamente
    3. Otoño
    4. Nuestro Río de Recuerdos
    5. Estrofas a la Muerte
    6. Amén
    7. La Misma Historia
    8. Áspid
    9. Jardín de las Delicias
    10. Sueño de Muerte
    11. Árida Verdad
    12. Melancolía
    13. Otoño
    14. Descarnado Final