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About Aramantus

  • Formed in 2013, Aramantus are a Progressive Groove Metal band from the heart of the UK.

    Merging together the individual musical influences of each member of the band allows them to create music which , although reflective of the inspirations they take, is very much their own unique sound.

    Rather than fall into the trap of writing the same song over and over, Aramantus pride themselves on their musical diversity and ability to create songs where they can take the listener on a different journey with each one, whilst still remaining true to their roots. They strive to breathe new life into a somewhat lethargic music industry.

    The twin lead guitars of Jake Elwell and Elijah Storer handle the complex riffs with ease, whilst the dynamic drumming of Alice Bates and nimble-fingered bass grooves of Cici Powell provide a rock solid, all female rhythm section which packs a serious punch. Rounding off the female trio within the group, Lou Walker brings her expressive vocal talents to complete this 5-piece.

    Showing professionalism and respect to venues, promoters, other acts and of course the audience, they give 100% at every show, both on stage and off.

    After winning the So Called Studios 2014 BOTB by a clear margin (against some stiff competition) and being asked to play the Forerunner Records Stage at the Barclaycard Arena before the Slipknot and Korn gig in January 2015, Aramantus are raring to go.

    Someone recently commented that Aramantus are The future of music. Well, they may not be THE future of music, but they certainly hope to be a big part of it!

    Alice Bates (Drums)

    Lou Walker (Vocals)

    Jake Elwell (Guitar)

    Elijah Storer (Guitar)

    Cici Powell-Melkonian (Bass)

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