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About Warlord U.K.

  • WARLORD UK \m/ ... Warlord formerly signed to Nuclear Blast and released Maximum carnage in 96... Warlord uk have supported such acts as Napalm Death / Cancer / Cerebral Fix / Entombed / Obituray / Carcass / GBH / At The Gates / Evile / and many many more plus headlining all over the UK. Maxiimum Carnage was released in 96 and a European tour followed with Benediction, it was a massive success but the tour was such a success it brought the end to Warlord. Warlord uk had such a great time playing in Europe that once back on English soil the scene at the time just was not like it was in Europe and with all 3 in full time work it was not easy just to down tools and play abroad so after a few years Warlord now know as Warlord uk due to having a major release and there being another Warlord in the states the uk had to be added. However Warlord hung up there guitars in 1998..... Then after Ten years of silence Warlord returned in 2008. Mark Warlord White is the only original member in todays Warlord uk. Since reforming Warlord have headlined on the unsigned stage in Norway ( Inferno Fest ) also Maximum Carnage was re-released on Metal Mind Records, have supported Naplam Death / Obituary / Evile/ and headlined for Terrorizer Grindhouse events many times, headlined all over the UK plus Warlord signed to Copro Records and released the second album EVIL WITHIN. Warlord are unsigned right now but have still managed to release the 3rd album WE DIE AS ONE, which was on release in August 2013. The album received great reviews and also a track from the album featured on a compilation cd with the likes of Carcass. Warlord's brutality continues and with session drummers Neil Huttton and Kevin Bartlett Warlord has never been in better shape. Warlord already have sights set on a new EP and a official video for 2014 as well as gigs and fests ... The Warlord machine keeps turning as the motto says BE A WARLOR OR DIE !!! Warlord uk are ... MARK WARLORD WHITE BASS & VOCALS / BROOKSIE GUITAR / LEE FOLEY GUITAR / SESSION DRUMMER KEVIN BARTLETT

From Warlord it is with great pride that Xtreem Music announces the addition to its rooster of one of UK's most veteran and legendary carriers of the flag of true Death Metal, WARLORD UK!! Formed back in 1993, releasing two demos and signing to

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News Was Posted on: 21st April, 2014

We have managed to get hold of Warlord for a interview so we can find more out about this awesome band, so have a read check out their music videos.   What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the

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News Was Posted on: 19th October, 2014
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  • Maximum Carnage
  • Maximum Carnage

    Released : 1996
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    Track List
    1. Maximum Carnage
    2. Disintegration
    3. Nowhere To Run
    4. Change
    5. Alien Dictator
    6. Vivesection
    7. Theatre Of Destruction
    8. Race War
    9. Nobody's Driving
    10. Chain Reaction
    11. Raining Blood