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About Allerjen

  • Hailing from Manchester, England. Originally formed late 1999 as Sphere, the band faced many challenges with line-up changes, until finally becoming Allerjen Mid-2002. Which saw the band take another set back in August 2003. After searching for the perfect fit, Paul Tarbuck, an old school and death metal fan was invited into the band. The final piece was in place and effectively a new band, Allerjen lost the “nu” from their genre and replaced it with hardcore. After almost scrapping all the old nu-metal material with a few of the heavier exceptions, Allerjen made a fresh start when Paul Tarbuck joined, and gained huge momentum over the coming years! 

    Allerjen opened the main stage for the first ever Damnation Festival, Sunday 16th October 2005. Supporting the likes of Raging Speedhorn, Sikth, Entombed, Gorerotted, Gutworm and many more (www.damnationfestival.co.uk). Since Damnation, Allerjen have shared the stage with giants such as Sepultura, Amen, Man Must Die, Biomechanical, Skindred, Khanate, Omnium Gatherum, Evile, Profane, Arnocorps, The Inbreds, Forever Never (Securing 7 dates in the North of England on FN’s UK tour). Allerjen’s have also self organised 4 tours in the UK, a 3 date mini tour in the South West of England 2005 and an 11 date UK tour with Subliminal Fear 2006, a 6 date tour in 2007 with Denounce and a 11 date North West tour of England with Jusure in 2007. Allerjen were also hand picked for Damnation’s first mini tour “Believe…..Chapter One” which consisted of London, Manchester and Glasgow, Allerjen’s first London and Scottish shows! The band have also been lucky enough to play Godless Festival 3 times, organised by Psychophonic Records in the Stoke area. All the hard work and relentless touring paid off, when in 2008 Allerjen released their first full length album “No Guts, No Glory” through Psychophonic Records.

    Then 7 years later, the band took the decision after an untimely and unplanned year away from the scene to try out the idea of becoming a 4 piece. There followed a lot of hard work and secrecy until they knew it was right for the band. Early 2010, Allerjen announced the joining of long time friend and lead guitarist Audie Harrison to the band. Audie has had a lot of experience on the live scene, along with a love for metal, melody and of course heaviness! With the plan to unleash the new chaotic, genre busting material on the masses, with influences drawn from Hardcore, Death Metal and even Classic Rock! They have taken a lot of time and effort in finding a unique sound, which can be heard in any of their material. 

    The band’s creative spark and relentless energy can be seen in any of their performances. You can feel the passion and enthusiasm that is produced on stage by the band. Allerjen are proof that an unwavering dedication to craft, and a pure artistic vision can result in a powerful musical statement. Allerjen constantly look to tour and spread their name as far and wide as possible…….

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  • Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Destroyer Of Worlds
    2. Treachery Be Thy Name
    3. The Process Of Being
    4. Beyond The Promised Land
    5. Disregarding Etiquette
    6. Hunter
    7. Achieving Equilibrium
    8. Eternal Night
    9. Humanoid
    10. Embrace The Divine
  • Surrender and Be Detsroyed
  • Surrender and Be Detsroyed

    Released : 2006
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. No Guts, No Glory
    2. Courage Will Find You
    3. Nowhere
    4. Scorch
    5. Anger Personified
    6. The Heartbreaker
    7. Demise Of The Prophecy
    8. Fallen
    9. Resurrection
    10. Until All Are One
    11. Fire In The Sky

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