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About Fear Bound

  • Will and Jack were the founding members of Fear Bound, having grown up playing music together and not wanting to put an end to their musical journey. Between them, they built a repertoire of material before bringing in Alex and Anthony, creating a semi-complete line up.

    Fear Bound carried on as a 4 piece for some time, unable to find the final piece of the puzzle. They continued growing and developing their material, releasing "At Animosities End" at the start of 2015. 
    It wasnʼt until mid 2015 that the line up was complete, when Andy was introduced to the fold and everything fell into place.

    Now, at maximum power, Fear Bound are ready to unleash their torrent of music, raining down monstrous sounds upon those that may listen, showcasing technical skill and expressive writing.
    Influences of their sound

    The band draws inspiration from a vast library of solid metal bands.

    You can find elements of bands like Killswitch Engage, Opeth, Belakor, Lamb of God, Pantera, All That Remains, Children of Bodom and Black Dahlia Murder, rooted deep into the bands musical approach.
    On the whole, itʼs difficult to pick any single genre the bandʼs music bears direct resemblances to

    Anthony Woodley - Vocals
    Will Smythe - Guitar
    Andy Coles - Guitar
    Alex Wight - Bass
    Jack Harris - Drums

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  • At Animosities End
  • At Animosities End

    Released : 2015
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    Track List
    1. Broken
    2. Struggle
    3. The Awakening
    4. Fight
    5. The Illusion Amongst the Delusion
    6. Alternation
    7. Off the Leash
    8. The Power Is the Key

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