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About A Fable For the Curious

  • A fable for the curious formed in 2008 spent time honing their sound locally in Teesside, gigging their hearts out and once happy with the sound released their album RULED on Time is Mine Records. This hard hitting dark debut took Fable on a UK tour to share it. The amazing feedback from all who seen and heard RULED was amazing and created a buzz across the underground rock and metal scenes. Fable were honoured to play the best new UK metal festival Beermageddon after fans created a Facebook page to get them on and the online radio station who host Top Rock Radio were hounded by the fans to agree. 
    The RULED album gained top reviews from magazines and online radio stations gaining air play across the world helping to create international sales. Reviews came in making the hard work pay off. 
    "From the opening, in-your-face salvo of ‘What A Difference A D Makes’ through the deceptive aggression of ‘I Hide’, the haunting opening of ‘Save The Day’, the beguiling ‘Calm Silence’, the chugging chant of ‘Born Again’, the stunning underpinned riff of the mis-named ‘Simplicity’ to the classic rock fuelled riffology of closer ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, this is an album just jam-packed with solid NWOBHM-influenced metal, but combined with modern sensibilities. The rhythm section of Michael Heaton and Nigel Waterfall-Brown underpin everything with aplomb and impressive cohesion, while Mark O’Hare’s vocals are delivered with a clinical cleanliness yet with enough dirt under their fingernails to make them stand out from the norm." Album review - Monk Planetmosh
    Having played shows through the North East of England, alongside the biggest upcoming bands supporting the likes of, Young Guns, The Blackout, My passion, Lower than Atlantis and Fallen Fate on UK tours, gaining 2nd spot for the Bloodstock 2012 in the Metal 2 the masses UK and playing festival spots across UK, fable began to work on their second studio album aimed for release mid 2013.

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  • Ruled
  • Ruled

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Difference a D Makes
    2. A Slow Demise
    3. I Hide
    4. Save the Day
    5. Calm Silence
    6. Born Again
    7. Simplicity
    8. Made for Me
    9. Your Life's Boring
    10. The Time I Spend With You
    11. Don't Say Goodbye

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