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About The Hussars

  • In January 2012 two childhood friends (Jiggy & Sutek) wanted to start a band. They used to play togheter in a band previously in the past so it was bit more easy to gather all ideas for their music but they where short of a drummer. Suddenly Eddie come into sight and they all started to work on their songs. After a time they they took a second guitar player (“Adi”), keyboard player (“Wujas”) and vocal (“Pacyfa”) to full fill the whole line up. They came up with name for a band The Hussars

    First debut gig they played in 15.10.2012 in Snooty Fox, Wakefield which was warmly embrace by the audience. The next step was to record a full album titled “Dance In Theater of People”. All hard work that they put in recording evolved out in getting more gigs around local area and not only.

    After a time “Adi” had left the band making a space for Adrian Ski. With this line up they have achieved second place in a contest “Emigrants Have Talent” which the final took place in London in O2 Arena. Few months later they decided that they want to play more aggressive, more heavier, so there was few changes in band members.

    With new line up (Jiggy - guitar,voc ; Daniel - guitar ; Eddie - drums ; Sutek - bass) the started to work on more heavier sound and songs. In 2015 they have recorded and short track CD which was the first step to come back on stage.

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  • My Ritual
  • My Ritual

    Released : 2015
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Black Hetman
    2. Surprise me
  • Dance In The Theater Of People
  • Dance In The Theater Of People

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. On The Sky
    2. Dance In The Theater Of People
    3. Stone Flowers
    4. Heartcore
    5. F.I.S.U.
    6. Nobody
    7. Conspiracy Of Silence
    8. Peace Of Mind
    9. Ciche Przeznaczenie

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