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About Seas of Scarlet

  • Seas Of Scarlet formed in October 2012 the official line up was completed may 2013 with Kat Calvert fronting the band with her powerful melodic tones, she joins Kriss witherkae who is the harmony back bone of the band as well as playing amazing rhythm guitars, Gareth Milner with his industrial/ 90's thrash influences and one of the main writers for the band bring fast a furious lead guitars, the other half to the main writing duo is Naffmann long time friend of Gareth who keeps together the structure of the songs written with is powerful groove and catchy bass lines.

    To complete this unit we have we have Sharif Dyson on drums based around anything evil and the death metal scene of the 80s and beyond. He bring fast (very fast) drums to our mixed musical cocktail. Giving us a unique yet classic style of metal music.

    Kat Calvert - vocals
    Kriss Roberts - guitars and vocals
    Naffmann - bass guitars
    Sharif diz Dyson - Drums
    Gareth Milner - lead guitars
    Automo Tone - guest keyboards

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  • Copykat
  • Copykat

    Released : 2015
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Close Out Of The Light
    2. Truth
    3. You Want It Too
    4. Midnight Freak
    5. Just One More

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