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About Cleanse the Hive

  • Hello we are Cleanse the Hive, a five piece metal band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Formed in summer 2011 we combine elements of groove, death and metalcore to create a powerful yet melodic sound. Expect big riffs and breakdowns! Since we started five years ago now we have each been busy in our personal lives with university, college and work but the band has been our escape from the mundane.

    Vocals - Callum Hutchinson
    Guitar - Jordan Pacitti
    Guitar - Glen McMillan
    Bass - John Campbell
    Drums - Greig Hadden

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  • From The Depths
  • From The Depths

    Released : 2016
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Eviscerate
    2. Cities Of Gold
    3. The Reign Of Tyrants
    4. From The Depths
    5. Terror Rising

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