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About Embers Of Eden

  • Gaining a reputation for theatrical and intense live shows, their ‘Call To Arms’ has been heard far and wide. Embers Of Eden have relentlessly enlisted an army of dedicated troops to the “Embers Army”. With a mix of melodic, powerful and grooving metal, 2016 will see Embers Of Eden sounding their call to arms around the nation.

    Since the release of their debut EP ‘Call To Arms in mid 2015, Embers Of Eden have been working on new material, resulting in a more refined anthemic, groove laden offering. ‘Dark’ is the first taste of the new sound from the band, sure to thrill existing fans and enlist a whole new faction to the Embers Army.

    Alex 'Lexxii Embers' Dumbiotis - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    Oli White - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Matthew Avery - Bass, Backing Vocals
    Brandon Dare - Drums

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  • Call To Arms
  • Call To Arms

    Released : 2015
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Rise
    2. Revolution (Call to Arms)
    3. Pull Me Under
    4. Decay

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