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About Black Falcon

  • Hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire, Black Falcon formed in late 2014, comprising of members from the ashes of Old School Enemy and 40 Thieves. Black Falcon is much more than just five guys and a couple of guitars. Currently under the watchful eyes of engineer George Quinn & Co-Producer Ben Smith, Black Flacon have been brewing their newest creation "Living in Me", set for release in mid-2016.

    Living In Me is the latest in many chapters ahead for Black Falcon. "We came together in December of 2014" Jony explains. "And then following the departure of our original drummer and bass player, Liam seemed the obvious choice. Jamie got back to me pretty immediately as I'd put the word out that we were looking for a new drummer. The dude hadn't even been playing a year and when he went to town on those things, you'd be sure he was a seasoned veteran."

    The band got to writing immediately and came up with a truely organic sound. "As long and difficult the whole process of writing can be for us, the results are always worth it. I've worked with Liam and Dave before and it's just always the formula that's worked. It's not necessarily the quickest way there, but the journy is much more rewarding. We push our limits a lot more when we're writing together. A riff will usually come from me or Richard and we'll take it from there."

    After the early rehearsals and a number of songs in the bag, the band then set about recording their first release; the self titled, 3 track demo which was released in May 2015. This paved the way for the band to evolve. Slowly moving from a Southern Rock/Nu-metal sound, to a much more origional, technical sound

    The band then set about taking it to the stage. With gusto. Every show was a loud, vulgar demonstration of musicianship, technical ability but more importantly passion for the craft. Black Falcon played a set of origionally energetic songs, all lovingly crafted by their own talons night after night with pure fire.

    Prior to the release of "Living In Me" saw the departure of Jamie Robinson and a much needed break for the band. Once reconvened, saw the entrance of drummer and long time friend Lee Durham. Lee immediately began to put his own mark on the music and started to write new material with the band, 2 minutes through the door. The future for Black Falcon looks very good indeed.

    It is said that the one basic principle of rock’n’roll always remains true: the key to longevity is to always deliver the goods. Black Falcon deliver the goods, and it's all laid upon a foundation of high-level, vitriolic full throttle rock'n'roll fury.

    Dave Ayres - Vocals
    Jony Hunter - Guitar
    Richard Fisher - Guitar
    Liam Hunter - Bass
    Lee Durham - Drums

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What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the band's name before?  Black Falcon. We got the name after weeks and weeks of banging our heads against walls. Not because we couldn’t agree as such,

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News Was Posted on: 30th July, 2016
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  • Black Falcon
  • Black Falcon

    Released : 2015
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Burn The Dark Down
    2. Rise Above
    3. Enough

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