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About Shadow Host

  • Shadow Host is a power/speed-metal act from Moscow, Russia.
    Founded in 1993 by Alexey Arzamazov, the band published 4 full-length albums and participated in numerous shows as support for the bands like Blind Guardian, Stratovarius and Grave Digger.

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  • Apocalyptic Symphony
  • Apocalyptic Symphony

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Lunacy Divine
    2. Treason
    3. Blinded by Greed
    4. Empty Eyes
    5. Silent Killing
    6. Guardians of the Wretched
    7. Divide and Rule
    8. Reborn in Hate
    9. Seeds of Sorrow
    10. Apocalypse Within

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