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About Negative Thought Process

  • Negative Thought Process are a 2 piece Crust/grind/power violence duo formed by Daniel Page (Hibernacula Records, Victorian Whore Dogs, Exquisite Ending) and Kyle Townsend (Ex-Strike Offensive) Their debut album Methylene Butterfly is due out through Hibernacula Records on September 16th and features 11 tracks of furious blasts, D-beats, HM-2 laden guitar riffs and brutality. Conceptually dealing with battles of self-harm, drug addiction, destructive relationships and suicide.

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  • Methylene Butterfly
  • Methylene Butterfly

    Released : 2016
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    Track List
    1. New Years Destitution
    2. The ComeDown
    3. Coercive Codependency
    4. Masocutter
    5. Gutter Junkie
    6. Clandestine Cleaver
    7. SchizoSomniac
    8. Sewing The Wound
    9. Trauma Bond
    10. My Parasite
    11. Rupture_Rapture

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