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About Mind of Sociopath

  • Mind of Sociopath, composed of five members, was formed around 2012 in Eski┼čehir. The band mixes metalcore and pure american metal elements and has a unique style in terms of music composition and lyrics. The debut album "Snakes In Suits" was recorded and released in 2016. Mind of Sociopath keeps performing live and delivers a new type of musical approach and creativity.

    Turker Kaplan - Vocals
    Yusuf Selim Kolunsag - Drums
    Umut Satic - Guitars
    Eren Gokcek - Guitars
    Ismail Satici - Bass

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  • Snakes In Suits
  • Snakes In Suits

    Released : 2016
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    Track List
    1. Call Me Liar
    2. The Blood Shed
    3. Sociopath
    4. Death Manifest
    5. Fools Paradise
    6. Hangman's Knot
    7. Reload The Hate
    8. Our Final Hour
    9. SOS
    10. Darkest Void

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