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About Kraptor

  • Kraptor is a thrash metal band founded in 2007 by vocalist and guitarist Philip "Phill" Alvarez and drummer Jessy Jaimes in the San Cristobal city. With the entry of guitarist Angel Moreno and Edward Cañizares on bass were formalized as one of the most emblematic bands of the thrash metal genre in Venezuela.

    In 2010 kraptor was elected to open the festival "MONSTERS OF ROCK" in Maracay city, Venezuela. The festival had like headliner band the germans "TANKARD". The show gave known to kraptor among the most loyal fans of the genre in this country.

    His first album came out in February 2011, entitled: "FUCKING LIAR", this EP containing six songs with varied lyrics, also possessing a raw and devastating sound. This material gave to kraptor very good reviews from fans of thrash metal scene worldwide.

    With help of internet, blogs, and other social networks, their material has been distributed to many countries, so, which caught the attention of the mexican label "CADAVER PRODUCTIONS" which offered the band a contract for the reproduction and distribution of "FUCKING LIAR" in physical, around the globe.

    They also had the opportunity to share the stage with national and international bands of great renown such as: violator (Brazil), pendejo (Holland) tankard (Germany), yaotl mictlan (USA), intoxxxicated, inquisidor, brain wash, anabantha (Mexico), natastor, krueger, blasphemy (Venezuela), war thrashed, hedor, cuentos de los hermanos grind (Colombia) and others.

    In 2012 kraptor announces the release of its new and first full-length album which is titled "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" is also released under the label "CADAVER PRODUCTIONS" The album has the participation of Pedro Poney, lead singer from one of the most recognized bands in the thrash metal scene of the world from our days: VIOLATOR. Also the special participation from one of the most representative and forceful voices of the new wave in the Bay Area: Rick Rangel from FUELED BY FIRE. The album was made with the same team that participated in the earlier work: Carlos Newball as sound engineer and producer and Geronimo Ballesteros in the design and artwork on the disc.

    For the month of August, 2012 kraptor takes an tour for Mexico under the name "KRAPTOR'S UNDEAD CHRONICLES TOUR MEXICO 2012" referring to one of the main themes of his new album. During this tour the band counted eight dates all over Mexico, publicizing this way even more the material to all fans of the genre.

    In 2012 kraptor was chosen to be the support band of brazilians VIOLATOR in "METAL WARRIOR FEST VI" in Bogota, Colombia.

    In late 2012, the record label Melomaniac Metalmedia Records gave to Kraptor the award to "Best Revelation Band" in the awards ceremony "Premios Melomaniac" for that year in Caracas, Venezuela.

    For May 2013, the band signs also with the european label "Chainsaw Distro" from Greece and was announced the release of their album "Night of the Living Dead" on a new european version under this label.

    In mid-2013 they presents a new album, a Split called "N.F.T.F.T. (New Forces Together For Thrash)" with the thrash metal band ANGRY, from Brazil. This album was made in Brazil, under the label Faminttus Records.

    Currently the album "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" is being distributed in countries like Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, England, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and more, and has excellent reviews by several zines and producers, as well as musicians from other recognized bands in the thrash metal scene, who gave their opinion about this new album in a teaser video that the band released for all their social networks.

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  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Night of the Living Dead

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Intro - Curfew for the Damned Graves
    2. Night of the Living Dead
    3. Damage Brain
    4. Murder King
    5. Intro - The Barbara's Undead Chronicles
    6. The Barbara's Undead Chronicles
    7. Civil Disobedience
    8. Origin of Terror
    9. Insane TV Madness
    10. Unknown Medical Infection
    11. Re-animator
    12. Intro - Leatherface
    13. Leatherface
    14. Outro - Dawning