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About Spreading Hate

  • The band SPREADING HATE was formed in 2004 by Eduardo Ayres (bass / bvocal), Jeff Hita (guitar) and Bruno Matos (Drums), friends and neighbors from the same neighborhood of São Paulo.

    The band originally called Death Unlimited (name of one of the band’s albums Finnish Melodic Death, Norther) in which the band played covers, being one of the first national bands playing songs of this genre. 

    Following of the proposal to do something innovative in 2007, work began with own songs, along with guitarist and vocalist Renan Brito, giving life to SPREADING HATE.

    Of heavy riffs and atmospheric melodies deep, guttural vocals and fast taken, the band recorded their first EP, entitled “Nightfall” in 2009 with production starting a completely independent release of his material that was interrupted by the output of Bruno Matos band.

    In early 2010, Lucas Cassero took the sticks and started a continuous work shows and pre-production of new music.

    In this period were performed concerts in various locations in São Paulo, and other counties as: Sorocaba, Franca, Embu, San Jose, Taubaté, among other regions. The band also performed in Minas Gerais and southern Minas, sharing the stage with bands like Claustrophobia, Nervochaos, among many others.

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  • Hatecomming
  • Hatecomming

    Released : 2013
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    Track List
    1. Lighted
    2. Hollowdead
    3. Infernal Nightmare
    4. Cold and Pale
    5. Infection
    6. Anesthesia
    7. Rise
    8. Hatecomming
    9. Subterranean Palace

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