During this last week, since watching my good friends from My Legacy, I have been listening to their new E.P which contains 5 great songs on it. I have listened to it all week to get the right feeling to do this review, all the songs on the new E.P

I have been lucky to hear them in person and all I can say is what an amazing E.P it truly is, with Kesh Young, Mason Jones, Chris Wiltshire, Chris Holahan and Craig O'Brien all putting everything they have into each song shows a lot of emotion, when I saw them live on the 20th June even when Kesh, the lead singer wasn't singing with the second vocalist and guitarist Mason Jones was, you can see Kesh singing along with Mason but without singing in the mic which shows the passion that is there for all to see.

With each song you get different levels of vocals guitaring and drumming, I have seen them play in person a good few times and they even played at my first organised gig and with each gig I have seen them at I am blown away by their undeniable passion and even though I suffer back problems the last few years, whether I see them in person or listen to their songs I cannot help but headbang, with no care if it will make my recent neck and back pains worse I just cannot listen to them without headbanging.

On this new E.P each song is as good as the next but for me there is one song that stands above the rest, the song is up on the AllHeavyMetal player and that song is 'In The Eyes Of Gods And Men', this song has great lyrics along with some great drumming and some really good guitar playing which adds to great lyrics and vocals by both Kesh and Mason.

Listening to this E.P has made me rate it 9/10, a great E.P with great songs and with such amazing guys playing and singing their hearts out, you can't ask for more.

Review By Mark Pritchard

News Was Posted on: 16th July, 2015

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